MIDROC Investment Group

MIDROC Investment Group is the largest business entity in Ethiopia operating as part of the global MIDROC International owned by the internationally acclaimed entrepreneur Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi. MIDROC- Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies, engaged in multifaceted business ventures, are operating in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic directions of MIDROC Investment Group engagement in the country’s development include, among others, the following:-

To invest in the agricultural and agro-industrial sector with emphasis to further develop the sectors and enhance their efficiency and export earning capacities,
To invest in the exploration, development and marketing of the country's mining resources,
To invest in, develop and expand the manufacturing and service industries that enhance the economic competitiveness of Ethiopia and add value to local based resources,
To undertake projects and invest in the development of the basic infrastructure in Ethiopia, like in the health services, education & training, transport, etc..
To invest and actively participate in the development and the rational utilization of the country’s natural resources,
To construct, buy, lease, sell and administer real estates including apartments, multi-purpose buildings and structures.

The Clusters

In Ethiopia, companies of the MIDROC investment group are organized under six clusters based on business purposes and similarity of activities they are performing.


  1. Agriculture and Agro-processing cluster
  2. Manufacturing cluster
  3. Mining cluster
  4. Commerce cluster
  5. Construction and Real Estate Cluster
  6. Hotel and Tourism Cluster

I. Agriculture and Agro-processing Cluster

The Agriculture and Agro-processing Cluster is one of the four clusters under MIDROC investment group that incorporates twelve (12) companies which are engaged in agricultural and agro-processing operations.

The major products under the cluster are: Coffee, Tea, Cereals, Pulses and oil crops, Horticultural crops, Animal husbandry products, Spices and canned products.

II. Manufacturing Cluster

The Manufacturing Cluster under MIG embraces 18 companies which are mainly produce tyres, packaging and related products, construction materials and engage in food processing and pharmaceuticals, tannery and leather production furniture as well as industrial zone development and management.

III. Mining Cluster

Companies under Mining Cluster – MIDROC Gold Mine PLC, National Mining Corporation PLC, MIDROC Geo and Exploration Service PLC are engaged in the extraction and processing of gold, precious dimension stones such as marble and granite as well as consultancy services in the exploration, surveying and drilling.

IV. Commerce Cluster

MIDROC’s Commerce Cluster comprises exceptionally organized companies to offer services to their customers meeting the expectations beyond expectations.

V. Hotel and Tourism Cluster

Under its Hotel and Tourism Cluster, MIDROC Investment Group owns the Sheraton Addis, a Luxury Collection Hotel. Located in the heart of the Ethiopian capital, the hotel sits on a hilltop overlooking the city, safely nestled between the National Palace and the prime minister’s residence.

VI. Construction and Real Estate Cluster

Since its inception, MIDROC Investment Group has made tremendous contributions in the Ethiopian construction sector for about three decades and registered significant results in the development of the country’s infrastructure.


MIDROC Investment Group is a group of Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi’s companies, mainly engaged in Agriculture, agro-processing, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Real-estate, Hotel, Tourism and Commercial endeavors.



Our senior executives bring tremendous experience, visionary thinking and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to the future as well as  the day to day operation of the company.


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