Our Investment Group is the largest supplier of washed and sundried specialty coffees in Ethiopia. The diversified coffee products are traceable and sustainable from the legendary land of the product, Ethiopia.
The coffees from our six coffee estates: Limmu, Bebeka, Gemadro, Duyena, Ayehu and Beha are certified by RA, CP, 4C, Organic Korea, Fare Trade USA.
Coffee Processing and Warehouse Enterprise (CPWE), one of our specialized companies, also contributes in providing outstanding services of suitable warehousing and processing of our coffees as well as that of other producers in the country.

Farms are located in the Southern Ethiopian regions Gemadro, Duyina, Beha and Ayehu in Northern region. The farms offer ideal altitude and climate which contributes to the ranges of flavors and qualities,
The Company’s coffee farms focus on the production and export of quality coffee for the international market.

Gemadro Coffee

The Gemadro Coffee is cultivated under the dense forests surrounded by native trees that have been habitat to various species. The rich volcanic soil, ample rainfall and cool, misty climatic conditions create the smooth yet complex cup flavor.


Duyina Coffee Farm

As one of the newest brands coming to the market portraying the diversified coffee types coming out of Ethiopia, Duyina farm produces high yielding premium quality coffees from the southwestern forested area.


Ayehu Coffee Farm

Ayehu presents a unique coffee, being situated outside of the known coffee producing regions of the Oromia and SNNPR. Coming from the fertile highlands of the Amhara Region in north western Ethiopia, it did not take long for Ayehu to make it to the list of the top performing of coffees of premium quality. It displays high potential of the region as one of the main coffee producers. This newest addition to our offerings enriches the experience of our customers to appreciate the diverse quality spectrum that Ethiopia offers to the world.


Beha Land Coffee

Kafa is known to be the region presenting the ultimate gift of coffee to the world from Ethiopia. Beha Farm is situated right in the heart of the Kafa region near the Mankira forest, which is amongst the few sites conserved under the UNESCO biosphere reserve.


Bebeka Coffee Estate S.C. is the biggest non-fragmented coffee plantation in the world located in the Southwest part of Ethiopia, about 610 km from Addis Ababa. This over 10,000 hectares estate is uniquely situated in the remnant tropical rainforests of the country, which is known to be part of the area identified as the original home of Arabica Coffee.



Limmu Coffee Farm

Limmu coffee farm located in the Oromia Regional State is geographically found in the most ideal coffee-producing area of the country. It lies around Jimma town, in Jimma Zone, about 428km West of Addis Ababa. The farm covers a total land area of 12,123 hectare of which nearly 8,000 hectare is covered with coffee.


MIDROC Investment Group is a group of Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi’s companies, mainly engaged in Agriculture, agro-processing, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Real-estate, Hotel, Tourism and Commercial endeavors.



Our senior executives bring tremendous experience, visionary thinking and a shared commitment to excellence, creativity, and innovation to the future as well as  the day to day operation of the company.


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