The Manufacturing Cluster under MIG embraces 18 companies which mainly produce tyres, packaging and related products, construction materials and engage in food processing and pharmaceuticals, tannery and leather production furniture as well as industrial zone development and management.


1. Addis Gas & Plastics PLC,

 was established in 1996 E.C. It is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of industrial gases (carbon dioxide and oxygen) and plastic crates for household and industrial uses.


2. Blue Nile PP & Craft Paper Bags Manufacturing PLC,

Was established in 1993 E.C. It is engaged in the production of polypropylene and polyethylene products such as poly plastic bags, poly sheet, poly plastic matt, conduit, tape rope, etc.


3. Daylight Applied Technologies PLC

was founded in 1986 E.C. Currently it is engaged in the production of crown cork and tin can.


4. Ethio Leather Industry (ELICO) PLC

Was established in 1997. It is engaged in manufacturing leather products. Under ELICO there are two tanneries, two shoe factories and one leather products factory.


5. AhFa PLC

Was founded in 1992 E.C. It is mainly engaged in manufacturing and supply of food products, such as high quality Pasta, Macaroni, Vegetable Ghee, Margarine and Wheat Flour with a well-known brand OCHE. In addition it also provides freight transportation service.


6. Hawassa Agri-Manufacturing PLC

Hawassa Agri-manufacturing PLC is under establishment in Hawassa specifically located in the premises of former Awassa Chip Wood Factory. Upon completion, the company will engage in the production of chips and yeast.


7. Horizon Addis Tyre PLC

Was founded in 1972 by Emperor Haile-selassie in collaboration with the Czechoslovakian government. In 2013 Sheikh Mohamed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi fully owned Horizon Addis Tyre PLC. It is engaged in the production of different types of tyres for automobiles and trucks.


10. Modern Building Industries (MBI) PLC

Was established in 1987 E.C. It is engaged in the production of plastic tiles, cultured marble products, water and oil based paints, hydro-foam blocks etc.Engaged in the production of coffee, cereals such as maize, and organic honey.


13. Summit Engineered Plastics Pvt. Ltd. Co. (SEPCo)

Summit Engineered Plastics Pvt. Ltd. Co. (SEPCo),
a member of the MIDROC Investment Group, is engaged in manufacturing and selling of plastic packaging products


16. Pharmacure PLC

Pharmacure Pvt. Ltd Company was established in 1998 to manufacture large volume parenteral (LVP) products /intra venous infusions).


8. Kombolcha Steel Products Industry (KoSPI) PLC

Was established in 1996. It is engaged in the production of galvanized corrugated and ribbed steel sheets and other engineered steel products, fuel and water tanks, transmission tower, wire and metal products, etc.


11. Sheger Bread Factory PLC

Was established in 2020 to produce and supply bread to the people living in Addis Ababa and the surrounding areas.



14. Summit Partners Pvt. Ltd. Co.

Summit Partners Pvt. Ltd. Co., a member of the MIDROC Investment Group, is engaged in plant, machinery equipment and Facility lease and rental as well as in the provision of skilled and professional manpower services.


17. Wanza Furnishings PLC

Was established in 1996 E.C. and engaged in the production of quality furniture and equipment such as wooden doors & windows and high quality ceiling and flooring materials & household furniture; and impregnated wood.


9. Lame Dairy PLC

Was established in 2007 E.C. It is engaged in the production of milk and milk products.


12. Sheger Oil Factory PLC

Is a project currently under formation. Its aim is to produce edible oil.


15. Unlimited Packaging PLC

Was founded in 1989 E.C. It manufactures flat and box carton that can be used for packaging of materials


18. Akaki Modern Tannery P.L.C

Akaki Modern Leather and Leather Product Manufacturing PLC established in June 1997, currently has a well constructed building for industrial park and ware houses to be used for both international and domestic customers.


Nani Building,Near to Geon
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


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MIDROC Investment Group is a group of Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi’s companies, mainly engaged in Agriculture, agro-processing, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Real-estate, Hotel, Tourism and Commercial endeavors.



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