Mining Products and Services

Gold and Dimensional Stones

MIDROC Investment Group, under its Mining Cluster, produces mainly Dore Gold and Dimensional Stones. Gold is the output of the metallurgy plant of the MIDROC Goldmine Plc., located at Legedembi and the Dimensional Stones are products of the National Mining Corporation Plc., from its manufacturing plants located at Awash Sebat Kilo and Addis Ababa City.

Dore Gold refers to a type of standard gold product that contains fine gold, silver and other metallic and non-metallic impurities in different proportions. By the same token, the Dore Gold that is manufactured by the MIDROC Goldmine Plc., contains an average of 86% fine gold, 13% silver and 1% of other impurities. Once the company produces the Dore Gold, the refining process is undertaken abroad after which it is sold as fine gold and fine silver products.

Consequent to the very state-of-the arts technology that the Gold metallurgy plant is, the gold fineness is of an international standard.

On the other hand, the Dimensional stones that are produced by the National Mining Corporation Plc., comprise standard grade marble tile, granite tiles and terrazzo tiles that are manufactured into various dimensions/of different sizes in area and thickness/ based on the market demand and customer preferences. Other products including marble and granite dimensional blocks are also produced at its quarry sites including for export market.


Mining exploration, surveying and Drilling Services

MIDROC Geo Exploration Services Plc conducts geological and geochemistry studies, geophysics & surveying services; operates in mineral exploration, provides core drilling services on metallic and non-metallic (industrial) minerals, conducts reconnaissance studies, feasibility study, deliver consultancy services, and provides water well/borehole drilling services.


MIDROC Investment Group is a group of Sheikh Mohammed Hussien Ali Al-Amoudi’s companies, mainly engaged in Agriculture, agro-processing, Manufacturing, Mining, Construction, Real-estate, Hotel, Tourism and Commercial endeavors.



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